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                                                 SCI Goat Pedigrees

The San Clemente Island Goat Association considers goats to be purebred if they are 100% SCI goat, meaning that they are direct descendants of the feral goats that were removed from San Clemente Island.

Some breeders have registered their goats with various registration companies, others have chosen not to. So keeping track of SCI goat pedigrees is challenging.

We ask that when you buy a San Clemente Island goat, you get as much pedigree information as possible, and share that information with as many breeders as possible. For those of you choosing breeding software, we recommend Breeders Assistant by Tenset. This software is used by The Livestock Conservancy and by the San Clemente Island Goat Association, and if we all have the same software it's easier to share pedigree information.

The San Clemente Island Goat Association will periodically post copies of its pedigree database on the web. Our goal is to offer complete pedigree information for our breed at no cost to breeders. You're welcome to take a peek, don't expect us to print it out in different formats or anything. Please note that THE INFORMATION MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME as we continually improve. If you see an error or wish to add some goats please contact John at
Happy Breeding!

SCI Pedigrees as CSV/text file, January 29 2017

SCI Pedigrees in Breeders Assistant, January 29 2017


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