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The San Clemente Island Goat Association was later renamed by John and Chad, as the San Clemente Island Goat Foundation. It is with pleasure that the San Clemente Island Goat Foundation honors Leslie's desire for this Foundation to carry on her great work. Her records, entrusted exclusively to John & Chad are a wealth of knowledge of the San Clemente Island goat.  


The San Clemente Island Goat Foundation would not exist if it were not for the tireless efforts in preserving this amazing breed by Leslie Edmundson.  While many others have done their part, Leslie's efforts stand alone.  Leslie created the San Clemente Island Goat Association to bring together the various breeders around the country and to educate future SCI Goat breeders and enthusiasts.


"The SCI Goat Foundation is the evolution of Leslie's efforts and its mission is to preserve the breed and to assist those dedicated in doing so."

The San Clemente Island Goat Foundation also worked with Dr Larson, who was one of the scientists who studied the San Clemente Island goats on the San Clemente Island.

San Clemente Island Goat Foundation, its members, Founding Breeders, the Official Registry and many others of the San Clemente Island community have, throughput the years and continuing today, worked tirelessly to research and share this great breed and all that it has to offer. This is a breed with very unique DNA and characteristics from other breeds.  See the Cordoba DNA test information. The breed has been milk tested for butterfat, in former years, to discover its butterfat. At this time, the breed appears to have the milk production of a Nigerian Dwarf and the butterfat of the Miniature Nubian. with some having the production amount of a Miniature Nubian.  It has great creamy milk. Continued milk testing is through the IGSCR Milk test program, to further discover the dairy qualities of this great breed. Other testing is available for fiber testing, etc. This breed is a multi-purpose breed through IGSCR programs.

Enjoy as this website of knowledge, histories and photos unfold.  We encourage you to reach out to us and the San Clemente Island Community. We are all here for you. We would love to hear from you.

We also support and recommend that all San Clemente Island goats are registered with IGSCR, LLC; the Official San Clemente Island Goat Registry. This registry was formerly IDGR.  The IDGR was selected by the Founding Breeders from the Island and also the Founding Association for the breed. That association was the San Clemente Island Goat Club. This club worked with IDGR (now IGSCR, LLC) to work out the breed standards and herdbook for the Official Registrations. IDGR (now IGSCR) has been the official registry since 1980.  Their extensive primary-sourced database, plus their extensive DNA tested database will ensure accuracy of your Official Registrations and Official Pedigrees.

It is vital for the breed to move ahead, that the San Clemente Island goats are Officially Registered through IGSCR, to ensure that they meet the breed description that is the standard for the San Clemente Island from the Island days, as well as to keep the standards of records that are essential for this great breed to move forward.

We encourage you to Register your goats Officially through IGSCR (HERE) and to keep your goats transferred (HERE) into your name.  Also to consider DNA testing through IGSCR. Many entire herds are DNA tested through this database to ensure accuracy and find missing ancestors. 

IGSCR also has Official Pedigrees for the San Clemente Island goat.

We look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your goats.  Reach out to us and the community

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