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Do Transfers have anything to do with the Registration Process?

The short answer is, YES.

Transfers have everything to do with Registrations if you acquire or change ownership of one of your goats.  In fact no Registrations of the animal or offspring may be completed unless you have a Seller-signed Transfer.  The buyer cannot fill out the transfer themselves, if the seller has not given the buyer the signed transfer.  Also the seller must also own the goat. If the seller had formerly acquired the goat and did not obtain a signed transfer from the person the goat was acquired from, the seller technically cannot sell the goat, until he or she obtains a signed transfer also.

Online IGSCR Transfer form HERE

Payment of Transfer HERE

What is in a signed Transfer?

  • Name, address, phone number, email address of Seller

  • Name, address, phone number, email address of Buyer

  • Sale/Change of Ownership data

  • Full name, Date of Birth and Physical Identification on the goat (physical Identification: Scrapie Tag, 840 Microchip or Registry approved tattoo)

  • Description of goat

  • Seller Signature

Then Transfer and Identification Records must be retained by both farms for five years.

What if I don't have a Transfer?

Without a signed transfer:

  • The animal cannot be placed in your name

  • No offspring can be registered in your herdname

  • Technically since you can't prove ownership, then you could easily lose your animal should somebody say you didn't pay for the animal.  For your protection, you need to obtain transfers

  • Plus it is the law

I don't need a transfer. I just traded the goat or was given it....

Transfer of Ownership is any change​

  • Give

  • Trade

  • Buy

  • Auction

  • Dissolve a farm partnership

  • Legal Dispute

  • Any change of ownership

Bottom Line...

When you acquire a goat, Obtain a signed Transfer from the person you obtained the goat from.

If you send a goat to someone else, Give them a Signed Transfer.

One other thing... If you want an unregistered goat that you acquired to be Registerable, then you need to also obtain a signed and filled out IGSCR Registration Application. Send that into IGSCR office prior to the sale, so that we can stamp it approved (if the goat is registerable.  Most are, but some that are not, because transfers etc have not been done.

How do I complete the Transfer?

If you are the new owner:

  • Send in the signed transfer via email to IGSCR or 

  • Attach the Seller-Signed Transfer to the online Transfer form

If you are the seller:

  • Use the Online Transfer Form and check that you are the one transferring ownership to the new owner

  • Fill in the form and hit SUBMIT

Then pay for the transfer HERE



  • At time of Original Registration Certificate $2.50

  • After Original Registration Certificate $3.50 without photo on Registration Certificate

  • After Original Registration Certificate $4.50 with photo on Registration Certificate

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