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International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry, LLC (IGSCR) has it's beginnings as International Dairy Goat Registry, INC (IDGR).  Lets talk briefly about IDGR.  


San Clemente Island Goat Foundation and IGSCR, LLC work hand in hand along with Founding and long term breeders to bring you wonderful knowledge and tools of the San Clemente Island goats.  Hang onto your hats.  Lots of great things are coming.

IDGR Beginings

  • Established in 1980 in Dublin, Texas.   Moved in 1986 where it remained for roughly 14 years

  • Founded by Bruce Hair, who was a long-time goat breeder

  • Founded as an option for registrations that were built upon the actual core qualities of the animal, rather than the show scene

  • IDGR worked hard to discover more accurate information on breeding and performance of the goats

  • Developed a unique milk testing program that is very unique and truly lets  us know if our goat is a true dairy goat

  • Many writings by Robert Johnson, which are treasured by many, as true information which brings out the worth of our goats

Breeds & Species Pioneered by IDGR

IDGR was the founding registry for:

  • Heritage (direct import and its descendants) of Nigerian Dwarf (working directly with founding breeders in the USA, Canada and Britain).  Also working directly with Dr Sponenberg on the Robert Johnson Farm of Pine Cone Valley

  • San Clemente Island goats (Founding Registry, chosen by the Founding breeders and the original association for the SanC Clemente Island goats; San Clemente Island Goat Club). Worked directly with Dr Sponenberg at the Pine Cone Valley farm

  • Soay Sheep (British and American)

  • Miniature Nubian Dairy Goats


In 2014 IDGR changed owners and moved to Georgia.  It remained there until the end of 2017, where it moved to Utah.

Programs further developed from 2014-2017

  • Registry of Merit (Program promoting animals who can give birth to their own young on their own, and raise their young unassisted to 60 days of age

  • Veterinary records (this owner is a professional veterinarian)


  • Began March 2018, moving to Utah

  • Owner has a long history as a dairy goat breeder, working directly with registrars of various other Official Registries, human genealogist and researcher

  • Milk test Dairy Herd Improvement Milk Test Supervisor

  • Desire to bring even more to the IDGR registry through DNA testing, DNA test creation and other upcoming plans

  • Working on moving to an online digital database to serve our members further

  • Turned the registry into a true Conservation Registry.  Meet IGSCR

  • Continuing the IDGR Milk testing program which has a unique twist to let us really know whether our goats and sheep ae really dairy animals, who will stand by you through thick and thin

  • Pioneered the goat breed DNA Breed Analysis test creation with the Purebred Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian. This is an awesome test that tests for what breeds and rough amounts that are in our goats with 12 breeds.  Partnered with UC DAvis for this

  • Worked with Dr Sponenberg in 2020 to complete extensive San Clemente Island study of the older Founding Lineages and Blended Bloodlines.  This study looked at how much influence the old founding herds have in our San Clemente Island gots of today, as well as correcting miss-information on bloodlines within specific animals

  • Worked with the Livestock Conservancy to create herdbooks for the San Clemente Island goat breed, that is more condusive to truly preserve and promote true CONSERVATION of the breed

  • Because a USDA Officially accepted registry

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