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San Clemente Island Goats

San Clemente Island goats are a critically-endangered breed. Left to run feral on San Clemente Island for a century, they offer genes that are a rare and important part of our agricultural heritage. They are small, deer-like, and have kind and gentle dispositions. Their beauty is breathtaking.

There are just over 700 San Clemente Island goats left. Are they unavailable? Far from it! Our group is working to save this breed from extinction, which means that we're working to enable more people to steward these excellent heritage goats.

The San Clemente Island Goat Foundation is formerly known as SCIGOATS.ORG is dedicated to proactively promoting the popularity, increasing the geographical distribution, and preserving the genetic diversity of San Clemente Island goats through responsible stewardship and breeding practices.

This site is a forum for the aspiring, novice, and experienced San Clemente Island goat owners alike.

Welcome, all!

John F. Carroll and Chad Wegener

SCI Goat Foundation fka SCI Goat Association


Willow Valley Farms, LLC

Home to the World's largest herd of San Clemente Island Goats


WVF Goats
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Navy Bucks
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The San Clemente Island Goat Foundation would not exist if it were not for the tireless efforts in preserving this amazing breed by Leslie Edmundson.  While many others have done their part, Leslie's efforts stand alone.  Leslie created the San Clemente Island Goat Association to bring together the various breeders around the country and to educate future SCI Goat breeders and enthusiasts. The SCI Goat Foundation is the evolution of Leslie's efforts and its mission is to preserve the breed and to assist those dedicated in doing so.


                                                           The San Clemente Island Goat Foundation 

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